Kyoritsu igital Clamp Meters KEW 2200R

• Ultra slim and lightweight Handy design• Ø33mm Tear Drop Jaw easy to use in tight places• 1000A AC Clamp Meter• DMM function ACV, DCV, Ω, Continuity Buzzer• Fuseless electronic protection on "Ω/Cont..


Kyoritsu LOOP/PFC/PSC Testers MODEL 4118A

• Custom microprocessor controlled for highest accuracy and reliability. • 3 LEDs for checking correct wiring status. • 15mA LOOP measurement:LOOP impedance 2000Ω range measurement is carrie..


Kyoritsu Milliamp Clamp Meter KEW 2500

• 0.01mA resolution for DC current• Top class measurement 0.2% accuracy• Ø6mm clamp jaw easy to use in tight places• Measurement from 0.01mA to 120.0mA• Dual display with backlight shows both mA measu..


Kyoritsu Non-Contact Safety Phase Indicator 8035

• New technology permits safe testing, without the need of direct contact between probes and live wires.• The insulated crocodile clips can clip insulated cables from φ2.4 to 30mm.• Phase rotation is ..


Kyoritsu Phase Indicators 8031

• Digital Phase Indicator with open phase checker.• Phase indicator designed to check the presence of open phase and also the phase sequence by LED and buzzer at the same time.• Small, lightweight, an..


Kyoritsu RCD Testers KEW 5410

• Measurement of RCD trip time Conducting testing of rated residual non-operating currents at × 1/2 Range, measuring RCD trip time at × 1 and × 5 Ranges. • Measurement of trip out current Measuri..


Kyoritsu Voltage Testers KT 171

• AC and DC voltage tests up to 690V with LEDs and LCD • Comply with the latest standards IEC 61243 and IEC 61010 • Novel designLarge and bright LEDs: Values are visible in the dark placeErg..

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